~Teepee Rentals~


How is everything sanitized?

We launder everything from our teepees to mattress protective covers and pillows in between renters. Our teepees break down so we can wash, along with all other fabrics, in hot water. All tray tables and anything else that renters can put there hands on gets wiped down and sanitized. Each mat arrives with a carrying case, a zipped up water proof protective cover and sheets provided. There is no contact with the actual mat as it is covered, same goes with our pillows.

When will the teepees be dropped off and picked up?

We will arrange with you the best time  for drop off and pick up considering work and school  schedules. 

How many teepees do I need to rent?

Our teepee sleeps two children into one of our tents comfortably. 


Two guest= 1 teepee 

Three guest= 2 teepees

Four guest= 2 teepees 

Five guest= 3 teepees 

Six guest= 3 teepees

Seven guest= 4 teepees 

Eight= 4 teepees 

Nine= 5 teepees

Ten= 5 teepees 

~pre-packaged parties~


How Far in Advance should I book my party?

 Reservations should be made within 1-2 months of the desired party date. We understand things come up & last minute parties are requested. Please contact us to see if your date is available as soon as possible. 

Where are events held?

Events are held at the clients requested location. This is usually at their home, clubhouse, or any party area you request.  If your interested in hosting a party outside-we recommend this is done only in winter months due to heat index during summer months. 

**We do not operate out of a store location. We come to you.

Do you offer spa parties for adult?

We get asked this questions a lot, but our spa parties are just for children. 

What are the recommend ages for your themed parties and sleep overs?

Teepee Tents- ANYONE can rent our tents. We have had communities rent our tents for movie nights/mini camps. Women for bachelorette parties can even  rent our teepees.
For sleepovers-We don’t recommend children 5 and under, however this is a suggestion and decisions should be primary up the guardian/care giver.     
Themed parties-We have had three year olds join in on the fun with our theme parties. 

Who takes care of the food and drinks?

 We do not provide food, cake, and utensils. Depending on your package, the only thing we may bring is punch or lemonade with a plastic cup to have a celebration toast with the children.

*We recommend to serve food/snack during glam station rotation. This makes for a smooth running party.

Here is our preferred vendors for cakes and sweets that we have worked with:

What do I need to provide for my themed party package?

You only need to provide, a clear space so we can set up our tables, chairs, and equipment. Cake, food, Refreshments and utensils if you choose too.    

We only require clear access to the party space,  water, and/or electricity!

When will my Hostess arrive to start setting up?

Your glam host will arrive within an hour and a half of the official party start time.

Upon arrival Please have payment and party agreement ready and the selected  party space already clear, so hostesses may proceed with set-up as quickly as possible. 

Upon completion of services, hostesses will immediately begin to clean up and begin to exit the property.This is a perfect time for cake & gift opening. The clean up process is normally between 25-45 minutes.