Teepee rentals for slumber parties in NAPLES Florida

Space needed for Teepee Rentals

How much space do I need to rent Teepees?

Please refer to the above illustration for measurements of each teepee.

  • Each teepee sleeps two guest. 
  • Having more space for decoration is a plus, roughly two feet more. 
  • For two teepees, 9 feet (w) x 6 1/2 (L) is needed.
  • Foam matts are a full size mattress.
  • Maximum 5 teepee rental=10 guest.
  • Renters must have space clear of all furniture, debris, dust or anything that may damage teepees prior to delivery. 

Space for Decoration/Props

We understand that every location for Teepee setup is unique for every event. Therefore all decoration/props may not be left at sight due to lack of space. We will try our best to work with every location to ensure you get the most props and decoration as allowed.